Masterpieces CD MPHCD060


Hopeless Records | released 2005

Re-mastered by Bill Stevenson, Masterpieces: 1991-2002 includes 19 songs representing the first 5 CDs. It also has 2 lavishly produced videos. The booklet has testimonials from other notorious Ska legends, as well as explanations of each song by the writers, a breakdown of who plays what on each song and a varity of pictures and other info.

1. Beer (Song)
2. Not Enough
3. Someday, Right Now
4. Mr. Smiley
5. Lolita
6. Go
7. Just A Minute
8. Throw A Bomb
10. Brain On Ska
11. In Your Face
12. Everything Girl
13. Box
14. Yesterday
15. Skank By Numbers
16. Safe
17. Mendoza
18. We're Gunna Take On The World
19. Thigh High Nylons
You video
Everything Girl video