Evildoers Beware! - Digital Album HRDDA057


Hopeless Records | released 1997

Recorded and mixed at The Blasting Room, Fort Collins, CO
Produced and Engineered by Bill Stevenson and Stephen Egerton
Additional Engineering by Jason Livermore
Additional horn tracks recorded at Station C, Grand Rapids, MI

This is the top selling MP album. Recorded and produced by punk legends Bill Stevenson & Stephen Egerton of All & the Descendents, this was the album that really solidified the Mustard Plug ska-punk sound.

1. Box
2. Suburban Homesick Blues
3. Never Be
4. You
5. Mendoza
6. Go
7. Jerry
8. Not Again
9. Miss Michigan
10. Sadie May
11. Dressed Up
12. Beer (Song)